Activated Charcoal ‘Goth’ Latte for Detox

Feeling dead on the inside and need to fill the void? 

Perhaps something to complement your black heart? 

Try a Goth Latte. YOU WILL HATE IT!! 

Lol! I saw that written on a cafe A-frame sign during Halloween season and thought it was the best. 

The ‘Goth Latte’ is an activated charcoal latte and it can be a beneficial detox drink to add to your life. Carefully and mindfully, of course.

Activated charcoal helps to bind and flush out toxins. Sometimes it can be used to ease gas and bloating, and can even help on those mornings when you maybe had a little too much Halloween punch the night before. The trick is to only treat yourself with an activated charcoal latte once in a while, and when you do, make sure to drink plenty of water afterwards to help flush the toxins.

It’s Important To Note...

Activated charcoal can also flush out beneficial nutrients, which is why it shouldn’t be consumed all the time. It can also cause medication to bypass absorption, so do avoid it if you are on meds, or at least consume it a couple hours after taking meds.

The recipe for this horrifically striking Goth Latte is below. I hope you HATE IT! 😉