Holistic Nutrition

Holistic Nutrition is a body mind spirit approach that looks at each person as a unique individual with different requirements and goals. It focuses on the whole person, and considers physical, mental, emotional and environmental factors. Holistic Nutrition fulfils what is missing in our conventional medical system.

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I’m Tara, a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Reiki practitioner, musician, and cheerleader for planet Earth. Taking a body-mind-spirit approach to nutritional counselling, my passion is to share the knowledge of how the food we eat, the thoughts we think and what we choose to surround ourselves with, impact every aspect of our lives. 
My intention is to help you attain the highest level of optimal health by working with your body's innate wisdom. I believe that we all hold the power to heal ourselves, and that even simple and gradual changes can lead to improved wellbeing and a renewed sense of vitality. 
Though I’ve always been interested in all things holistic, it was my own health issues that propelled me to dive more deeply. For over a decade I suffered from the painful symptoms of endometriosis. It’s one of those ‘mystery illnesses’, where the real cause is only a theory, but everyone just seems to go with that belief and base treatments on hypothetical information. I’d been through the ringer of doctors and specialists who prescribed pain killing drugs or surgery, or who just threw their hands in the air, which didn’t resonate well with me. Drugs made me feel..well, drugged, and surgery didn’t guarantee that the condition wouldn’t return. It was pretty defeating. Eventually I thought that pain, moodiness, brain fog and feelings of general melancholy and malaise were just who I had become. 
An opportunity arose for me to study Holistic Nutrition and I jumped on it, in hopes that I may unlock the secrets of the universe, or at least find out more about my condition. The experience exceeded my expectations. It was truly a school for badasses who want the true truth! I had found my tribe. Through learning and experimenting with holistic nutrition and being my own study subject, I was able to decrease my endometriosis symptoms dramatically, and as an added bonus, heal my digestion, my hormones and really, my mind. No more fog. I felt more clear, connected and conscious. And it really wasn’t a huge overhaul for my life. Small, manageable dietary changes, a couple supplements and lifestyle tweaks made me feel better enough to know what feeling better actually felt like, which was inspiration to move further. I wanted to feel like THAT.
This inspiration has continued to flow and has made me really want to reach out and help people who desire to feel better. Whether you have a chronic condition where conventional therapies have thrown up a road block, want to use holistic nutrition to support an existing medical treatment, or if you lack energy and would like a health boost to help you reach your optimal wellness potential, I am here to help navigate.