The Whole Picture

With all of the trendy diets and health fads popping up every day, getting a grasp on nutrition can be confusing and overwhelming. Nutrition Consultations navigate you through the media hype and get straight to your personal truth.

A Nutrition Consultation session involves reviewing your full health history, unpacking your health goals and concerns, and addressing any nutritional imbalances. Taking these elements into account, along with your food preferences, lifestyle and schedule, provides me with the information needed to create a personalized nutrition plan.

Initial Nutrition Consulting Session

Upon making an appointment, detailed intake forms will be sent to you to fill out, save, and email back to me. During our meeting, we will review the information in depth, so I can get a better view of your full health picture. This meeting can be done in person or online.

Following our session, I will supply you with a personalized nutrition plan which includes:

  • A holistic overview of your health picture and your main concerns
  • Recommended foods to include in your diet that are especially beneficial for you
  • Supplement recommendations
  • Lifestyle tweaks to support bringing more balance to your life

60-90 minutes


Follow Up Session

This session generally takes place 3-4 weeks after the initial consultation and is great for reviewing your progress and making any adjustments or updates to your original plan that will help you to further move forward with your health goals. Follow up sessions can be done in person or online.

45 minutes


Follow Up Session

Appointments are available anytime to touch base for further fine-tuning of your plan and to support your journey.

45 minutes


5 Day
Meal Plan

Supplement your Initial or Follow Up consultation with a customized Meal Plan. 5 days of meals created specific to your personal needs.